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Universal Robots Core Class

Universal Robot core trainingCost: $1,750

This is a technical training course that includes basic robot terminology and operational skills. The modular-build training seminar consists of both theory and hands-on training to maximize knowledge and gain practical experience with programming UR robots.
After completing the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Operate robot in a safe way
  • Make simple application programs
  • Manage program files
  • Connect I/O signals
  • Read and modify programs
  • Perform maintenance and troubleshooting

Hands on trainingLearning Objectives:

  • Pick-and-Place Application
  • Optimizing the Pick-and-Place Application
  • Program Flow- Learn to use programmable logic commands
  • Palletizing- Build off of Pick-and-Place with a Pallet command
  • Process App with Operator- How to incorporate operator input into a program
  • Safety Settings- Learn to setup Safety limits and systems
  • Flexible Redeployment- Utilize installation setup to increase adaptability
  • Destacking App- Learn to use wizards and commands together
  • Easy Startup- Learn techniques for startup efficiency
  • Online Resources- Learn about online resources available


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