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Cognex In-Sight 2800 Machine Vision

In-Sight 2800

The In-Sight 2800 vision system combines deep learning technology with traditional rule-based vision tools to solve a wide range of applications. From simple presence/absence detection to advanced categorization and sorting tasks, In-Sight 2800 provides an easy to deploy solution for error-proofing.

Designed for factory automation, In-Sight 2800 enables manufacturers of all size to:

  • Increase product quality – Catch small, subtle defects with optimized error detection.
  • Maximize operational efficiency – Leverage your existing workforce and keep your lines running with fast, intuitive job setup.
  • Streamline integration – Take the guesswork out of image optimization and identify the correct combination of accessories in a few button clicks.

Download the In-Sight 2800 Product Guide

Cognex DataMan 280 Series Barcode Readers

DataMan 280

Cognex DataMan 280 series fixed-mount barcode readers offer fast decoding, easy setup, and valuable Industry 4.0 features, like web browser connectivity and performance monitoring, in a small form factor. DataMan 280 was engineered to better track and trace items throughout manufacturing and logistics supply chains solving a broad range of tough 1D, 2D, and direct part mark (DPM) code applications. It was engineered with the latest decoding technology.

  • Easily decode difficult or small DPM codes on challenging surfaces
  • Reliably read every barcode on high speed lines
  • Read multiple codes simultaneously
  • Connect to new Cognex Edge Intelligence for device management and performance monitoring

Download the DataMan 280 Product Guide



MiRGo consists of many different applications and top modules for all the different options in MiR's product portfolio, and you can easily customize your robot with off the shelf solutions. In this marketplace, you can get inspiration for how our mobile robots can create value for you, your colleagues and your production.

Smart Vision Accelerator Gocator GoMax NX


LMI GoMax NX is a high-performance embedded device that allows users to accelerate any Gocator sensor or multi-sensor network in heavy-duty inspection applications that require increased data processing power.

  • Easy to set up, power, and run using the Gocator web browser interface
  • Add GPU-accelerated data processing power to Gocator 3D laser profilers and snapshot sensors
  • Simultaneously accelerate Gocator multi-sensor networks
  • Add multiple GoMax NX units to scale up sensor network acceleration
  • Plug and play for easy sensor acceleration
  • GPU-accelerated data processing without an industrial PC

GoMax NX

T-B Series SCARA Robots

TB Series SCARA Robot

Epson T-B Series SCARA robots are the ultimate slide alternative with a compact design, strong performance, and, most importantly, simple setup, installation and development. This innovative solution offers powerful features at an incredible value, making it an extraordinary value-without-compromise automation solution.

  • T3-B All-in-One robot with a 400 mm reach and 3 kg payload
  • T6-B All-in-One robot with a 600 mm reach and 6 kg payload


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