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Universal Robots with Cognex In-Sight 2D Robot Guidance

2D Robot GuidanceThe new Cognex In-Sight 2D Robot Guidance plugin greatly simplifies the communication, hand eye calibration, and vision guided robotics development between a UR robot and Cognex 2D Vision System. The system can be used to guide the robot to specific coordinates, inspect the part after manipulation, and output valuable data for downstream analysis.

  • Greatly simplifies two of the main challenges in vision guide robotics – establishing communication between the systems and performing the hand eye calibration.
  • Intuitive UR Cap interface guides the user through the procedure.
  • The solution is fully integrated into Cognex In-Sight Explorer, allowing user access to the most powerful and robust vision tools in the industry.

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UR App BuilderUniversal Robots Application Builder

  • Build your application online with step by step guidance
  • Get insight on various options for your cobot solution
  • See a simulation of your application running
  • Download package includes design, program and interface tips
Select your specific application, desired robot model, tool type, tool setup, infeed, interface, and outfeed, for a personalized conception of your desired cobot solution.


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Robotiq Force Copilot

Robotiq Force Copilot is an intuitive software to operate Universal Robots e-Series’ embedded force torque sensor. Force Copilot accelerates the programming of a whole host of applications, including part insertion and surface finding, among many others.

  • Program complex tasks the easy way.
  • Unlock force-sensitive applications.
  • Increase robot-cell reliability and flexibility.
  • Unleash your force torque sensor’s full potential.
  • Master force control in no time.

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Epson Force Guide

Epson Force Torque

Epson’s high-performance Force Guide takes robot automation to the next level with superior precision and outstanding rigidity. Powered by proprietary Epson Quartz Technology, it enables Epson robots to detect six axes of force with precision down to 0.1 N. Driven by real-time servo system integration, Force Guide delivers fast, tactile feedback to guide robots for high-precision parts placement. Easy to configure and set up, Force Guide features a point-and-click interface with pre-configured solutions and built-in objects, reducing the development time for precision repeatability applications.

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The piCOBOT is compressed air driven vacuum gripper designed to work directly with a Universal Robot, and to act as a flexible co-worker in a variety of production, packaging or assembly lines. Adaptable, powerful and light-weight, it really offers the ideal extra “pair of hands”. Ergonomic, safe and adaptable, this user-friendly solution promises to increase productivity while reducing the risk of injury to your team. It also is very easy to program.

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MidOpt filtersMidOpt SWIR & Wire-Grid Polarizer Filters

SWIR (Short-Wave Infrared) Filters enhance the image quality of InGaAs camera technology for a variety of machine vision applications. These are designed to pass the most common SWIR LED wavelengths while blocking visible light. These filters can be used for various inspection tasks in the food and beverage, woodworking, textile or automotive industries. SWIR filters are useful for applications imaging from 900-2300nm.


The new Midwest Optical Systems Pi1000 Series NiR Polarizer is effective in both the visible and infrared, ranging from 400-2000nm. It’s efficient in glare reduction, with an average contrast ratio up to 8,000:1 and has an operating temperature rating of 100° C per 1,000 hours. The Pi1000 is 40% less costly than current products on the market, making it an economical solution. MidOpt mounted Polarizers thread onto the lens. Rotating the mount and visually observing the results makes it easy to determine the position at which glare reduction is maximized.

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