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Industrial Networking Workshop

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This course will address Ethernet fundamentals for industrial networking. An increase of industrial equipment directly interfacing with Ethernet technology has brought new demands on engineers. It is required for engineers to have basic Ethernet knowledge to support these networks. Understanding the underpinnings of Ethernet is critical to the design phase and troubleshooting of any network.
Learning Objectives:

  • How Ethernet frames and IP packets traverse networks
  • How an Ethernet switch functions and why they are needed
  • Using managed features to increase network efficiency and security
  • Different wireless operating modes and their benefits
  • Security concerns and how to mitigate them


  • The Beginning of Ethernet
  • Network Layouts
  • Why OCI Layers
  • Layer 1: Physical Layer (Mediums of Ethernet; Power Over Ethernet)
  • Layer 2: Data Layer (Ethernet Frames in a Network; Building Redundancy)
  • Layer 3: Network Layer (IP Packet Through a Network; Basics of Firewalls)
  • Layer 4: Transportation Layer (TCP vs. UDP)
  • Layer 5-7: Application Layer (Brief Overview of Other Protocols)
  • Wireless: Basic Wireless Fundamentals and Wireless Operating Modes
  • Remote Access: Virtual Private Networks
  • Security: Best Practices to Secure a Network

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