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Epson Robot 2-Day Vision Class

Cost: $1,750

Learning Objectives: This 2-day Epson Vision class will show you why, for more than 15 years, Epson Vision Guide has been used in factories throughout the world to allow Epson Robots to "see". With a unique object based point and click interface, Vision Guide allows developers to quickly develop applications in hours vs. weeks or longer. Vision Guide is also packed with powerful vision tools designed to help solve the toughest of vision related applications. Included as standard features are tools such as: Normalized Correlation, Geometric Search, Blob Analysis, Polar Search, Edge Tools, Frames, Lines, Points, Histogram and much more. Vision Guide is completely and seamlessly integrated into the Epson RC+ Development Environment, which helps to reduce overall development time and save money.

“I went to the training yesterday at ACS. It was great! I was really impressed with the people at ACS and the way the training was conducted. Thank you for recommending that I go to it.” – Workshop Attendee

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