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ROEQ produces specialized equipment for MiR (Mobile Industrial Robots). Their flexible logistics solutions are aimed to move you closer to a hands-free operation at your factory or facility.

Top Roller Modules

TR125 Manual/TR125 Manual 250

TR125 Top Roller

The ROEQ TR125 Manual enables automated transportation of crates and flat-bottomed goods between conveyor stations.

TR125 Manual Datasheet

TR125 Auto/TR125 Auto 250

TR500 top roller

The ROEQ TR125 Auto is an auto-adjustable top roller for the MiR100, MiR200 and MiR250. It enables you to schedule pick-up and delivery tasks between stationary conveyor stations at different heights with no manual intervention.

TR125 Auto Datasheet

TR500 / TR1000

TR500 top roller
TR1000 top roller

The ROEQ TR500 and TR1000 are heavy-duty top rollers for your MiR500/600 or MiR1000/1350 robot. It is easy to program pickups and deliveries of heavy goods between conveyor stations on your production line.

TR500 Datasheet

TR1000 Datasheet

TR500/TR1000 Auto

TR500 auto
TR1000 auto

The ROEQ TR500 Auto and TR1000 Auto are fully automated top rollers for the MiR500/600 and MiR1000/1350 that transport your heaviest goods from one conveyor station to another, at different heights. This gives you a flexible bridge between existing conveyor systems in different parts of your factory. Easy to program the pick-up and delivery points in the MiR GUI and transport between multiple conveyors at different heights. 

TR500 Auto Datasheet

TR1000 Auto Datasheet

TR500 Auto

TR500 Auto

TR500 Auto is for the MiR500 or MiR1000. It can pick up and deliver to conveyor systems at different heights. It’s programmable so height adjusts automatically. Variable distance from floor to rollers.



The ROEQ GuardCom System, is a wireless solution that enables all ROEQ top rollers to work seamlessly with any stationary conveyor stations. It has a small footprint, so it takes up minimal space. Features robust sensor technology doesn’t rely on unstable Wi-Fi connections. 

Guardcom Datasheet

Lifter Modules



The TML150 is a lifter module for the MiR100, MiR200 and MiR250 + AM250. It enables the transport of trays and pallets. It can transport in raised position, reducing cycle time. You can mount the TML150 Forks on top for picking up pallets and trays. 

TML150 Datasheet



The ROEQ Top Module Lifter TML200 for the MiR250 is a flexible top module that can function as a lifter for pallets, crates and racks, as well as for shelf carts. As a lifter, crates or pallets can be picked up, transported and dropped off using the ROEQ PR250 pallet rack as a pick-up/drop off station. Depending on requirements, the pallet rack can be set against a wall or used as a free-standing rack that enables the mobile robot to deliver the load and continue driving through. The pallet rack can also be set up in multiples, side by side, for a scalable solution. 

TML200 Datasheet


The TML1000 is a heavy-duty industrial lifter solution for internal transport of goods using your MiR500 and MiR1000 robots. Goods can be picked up and delivered at different heights. This lifter doesn’t have to return to the lowest position during transport, which reduces cycle time. Equipment can be mounted on top using the attachment holes. Using the ROEQ Assist software tool, it’s easy to program multiple different pick-up and drop-off points.

TML1000 Datasheet

Cart & Rack Modules

TMS-C300 Ext

TMS C300 Ext

Use with ROEQ S-Cart300 series on the MiR250 for payloads up to 300 kg. This extended top module enables the handling of longer goods like larger EU and US pallets with an emergency stop that’s accessible even with larger goods on board.

TMS-C300 Ext Datasheet

TMS-C500 Ext

TMS C500 Ext

Use with ROEQ S-Cart500 series on the MiR250 for payloads up to 500 kg. The extended top module enables the handling of longer goods like larger EU and US pallets with an emergency stop that’s accessible even with larger goods on board.

TMS-C500 Ext Datasheet


TMS C1500

The ROEQ TMS-C1500 with the S-Cart1500W transports up to 800kg with the MiR500 and MiR600 and up to 1500kg with the MiR1000 and MiR1350. Can handle different types and sizes of goods on multiple missions, giving you maximum use of your robot. 

TMS-C1500 Datasheet



The TMC300 is a cart module that is used with docking stations. It is compatible with MiR100, MiR200 and MiR250 + AM250 robots. It features our patented locking mechanism, which safely secures the cart under transport and ensures that the robot always knows the location of the cart. It works with both Precision docking and our Easy-Pull-Out docking that allows the carts to be handled by human workers. There are mounting holes on top of the carts for mounting customized equipment.

TMC300 Datasheet

TMC300 Ext

TMC300 Ext

The TMC300 Ext is a cart solution with an extended footprint for transporting longer goods like pallets in a setup using docking stations. It’s made for the MiR100, MiR200, MiR250 + AM250 robots. The extended footprint features an emergency stop button that’s accessible even when transporting larger goods. 

TMC300 Ext Datasheet




The TMR150 is a flexible top module that’s designed to be used with racks/carts or as a lifter solution on your MiR100, MiR200 and Mir250 + AM250 robots. It can work with cart and lifter solutions in the same setup and must be used with docking stations. The carts/racks have mounting holes to add equipment or customized to your needs.

TMR150 Datasheet

Carts and Racks

Cart300P (Precision)


Precision docking cart for the MiR100, MiR200, MiR250 + AM250 that can be moved between key logistic points. Uses our Precision docking system. Ideal for a fully automated environment. ROEQ carts have mounting holes to attach other equipment.

Cart300E (Easy-Pull-Out)


Easy-Pull-Out cart for the MiR100, MiR200, MiR250 + AM250 that can be moved between key logistic points, and which can be handled by human workers. Works with the Easy-Pull-Out docking station. ROEQ carts have mounting holes to attach other equipment.

Rack 150

Rack 150

Flexible rack that can be moved between key logistics points. The rack is lifted from the ground during transport. Used with our Easy-Pull-Out docking system. ROEQ carts and racks have mounting holes to attach other equipment or customize for your needs.


S Cart300

Cart for the MiR250 and the MiR Shelf Carrier 250 that enables your robot to pick up and drop off in free space.


S Cart300

Cart for the MiR250 has a 6-wheel design which makes it easy for personnel to manually maneuver in straight lines – such as through long, narrow corridors. 

S-Cart300 Ext.

S Cart300 Ext

Cart for the MiR250 with increased wheelbase, which gives increased tilt stability for longer goods that extend beyond the 790mm footprint of the standard S-Carts . The 6-wheel design means it can be easily maneuvered manually in straight lines by personnel over longer distances – such as through long, narrow corridors. Use with the MiR250 and the ROEQ TMS-C300 Ext top module to move larger goods like pallets and cages between logistic key points. 


s Cart300L

The S-Cart300L cart for the MiR250 has been developed to work with the TML200 top module. This cart enables the TML200 to lift and transport payloads up to 170kg/374lbs. on the MiR250, allowing it to maneuver in situations where floors have reduced traction e.g. on polished or dusty floors.

Advanced Control Solutions is a ROEQ distributor in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. We offer free evaluations and technical support to help our customers solve their applications.

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