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Pro-face is a leading global supplier of a broad range of industrial automation hardware and software solutions. Pro-face's principal products include the Pro-face brand operator interfaces, HMI software, and industrial computers. Pro-face offers dedicated and PC-based, open-architecture, visualization and control solutions.


Proface HMI group

The Pro-face family of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) offers extensive connectivity, easy-to-read displays, and multiple screen size options.

GP4000 Series is a full graphics, touch screen operator interface that is easy to use. Operators can easily monitor conditions and the operating in environment in real time.

STW6000 Series is an innovative Web HMI with a sophisticated design that transforms simple machines. The simple design and interface help increase productivity and efficiency.

HMI + Control Solutions

Proface HMI plus control products

Pro-face HMI + control products combine built-in PLC functionality with an operator interface. Couple with one of Pro-face's software options and you have an all-in-one HMI Control Solution, lowering overall system costs and panel space.

  • Modular HMI with Control
  • Compact HMI with Built-in I/O
  • HMI + CANopen
  • HMI + Flex Network
  • HMI + Discrete I/O

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Smart Portal - Enhanced HMI

Enhamced HMI Products

The enhanced HMI provides unprecedented connectivity in an HMI, creating a new interface designed firmly with the future in mind. The SP5000 series allows a huge variety of data to be downloaded to HMI and transmitted in an optimal format to those who need it.

  • Easy screen replacement without re-programming
  • Connects information and people for optimal communication
  • Dedicated launcher makes application startup easier and more flexible

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Industrial PCs (IPCs)

Proface Industrial PCs - IPC

Pro-face offers a wide line of industrial computers with technology to meet your exact needs. Available in both Box and Panel PC styles.

  • Dependability - SSD, CF, or HDD
  • Stable Supply - intelligent fan control
  • High Performance - Multiple Processor options
  • Maintainability - Easy component replacement
  • Certifications include CE, cUL, UL, Class 1 Div 2 hazardous ratings

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Remote HMI

Remote HMI solutions

Pro-face Remote HMI allows you to check machines and equipment for alarms, operating status, and other information using a tablet or smartphone from anywhere on the factory floor.

  • See machine information anywhere
  • Able to monitor status of multiple machines
  • GP-Pro EX (v3.1 or later) software facilitates easy set up and activation
  • Monitor and control the machine from your tablet or smart phone

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GP-Pro EX HMI Software

GP-Pro software

GP-Pro EX is the development software for all Pro-face GP4000, GP4100, GP4000M, LT4000M, LT3000, EZ Series, and the SP5000 Smart Portal series. Use it with the new PS5000 IPC by implementing WinGP RunTime Software.

The easy-to-use software takes users through the development process step by step. With a wide array of application development tools, expanded diagnostic features and simulation capabilities, GP-Pro EX is capable of handling the most demanding HMI applications.


Blue Open Studio

Blue Open Studio

Pro-face BLUE Open Studio is a development and runtime software that incorporates all of the tools users need to create SCADA HMI applications, dashboards and OEE interfaces. It is a collection of automation tools that provide building blocks to develop HMIs, SCADA systems and embedded instrumentation solutions. Utilize BLUE Open Studio integrated Web technologies to take advantage of internet / intranet connectivity.

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Advanced Control Solutions is a Pro-face distributor in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. We offer free evaluations and technical support to help our customers solve their applications.

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