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Pulsating Divider System

Ensuring Accurate, Consistent Representative Grading Samples

Pulsating Divider Video Pulsating Divider Video As a retrofit to existing pneumatic samplers, the automated Pulsating Divider System reliably provides consistent samples for grade, eliminating the potential for human errors in dividing down the sample.

Smart Technology to Improve Efficiency

The Pulsating Divider System adds sensors and a control system to existing pneumatic samplers automatically detecting the amount of peanuts in the bin providing a consistent 3,600 gram sample. The need to cut down the grade sample is eliminated reducing the amount of excess peanuts handled in the grading room, thus increasing buying point efficiency.

USDA Approved  
Tested and proven with commercial units
in operation since 2013

Birdsong Peanut successfully installed 28 Systems in 2014 and continued to add new locations in 2015. In 2016 Birdsong, Damascus, and Golden Peanut all have systems successfully operating with locations installed or in process across Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

“The Pulsating Divider Systems have saved us time and money by speeding up the grading process and reducing the sample size going into the sample room. “

Rodney Brown,
Birdsong Peanuts