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PIC Product Inspection Control

PICPIC™Product Inspection Control Modules were designed to meet the demand for an easy-to-install and easy-to-use control for product sortation and inspection systems.

PIC™ Controls are used with a minimum of two DC-powered sensors. The "product sensor" is used to detect the arrival of the product, and the "inspection sensor" is used to identify or inspect the product for the critical identifying feature, e.g., variations in color, pattern, position, orientation, size, opacity, or surface reflectivity.

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Fiberoptic Light Guides

Fiberoptic light guides

Tri-Tronics provides a wide range of Fiberoptic Light Guides in glass and plastic as well as miniature fiberoptics.Fiber Optic Light Guides are flexible and robust, making them ideal for harsh environments, and small spaces. They are resistant to high temperature, vibration, condensation and corrosion.

Stainless steel armored cables provide maximum protection against shock and abrasion. The interlocked metal hose is both flexible and strong. However, it is not waterproof, oil tight, or vapor proof.

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ColorwiseThe SMARTEYE® COLORWISE™ is the most feature packed color sensor available.

Designed to work as well as an instrument or spectrometer, this sensor can solve the most difficult color applications at higher speeds than color cameras or the closest priced competitive product.

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MULTI-MATE®Programmable Control Modules provide users with the flexibility to program up to 25 functions. These unique controls are the perfect match for use with DC-powered sensors. They combine the simplicity of plug-in controls with the versatility of programming a wide variety of functions.Multimate

MULTI-MATE®s are available in either single or dual function models. All models provide a heavy-duty AC solid state output switch (TRIAC) as well as an output from an NPN open collector transistor. The controls also provide 24 VDC power for the remote sensor. The input to the control can be from an open collector transistor or a switch.

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TRI-TRONICS® is a photoelectric sensor manufacturer designing unique products that solve difficult problems in industrial packaging, printing, and labeling applications. TRI-TRONICS® designs, manufactures, and supplies high-quality photoelectric sensors, fiberoptic light guides, and controls for a wide variety of industrial applications.


MINI-EYE™ is a full line of very economical, miniature photoelectric sensors designed to perform most sensing tasks from even the tightest locations. The rugged MINI-EYE™ sensors are waterproof and enclosed in high-impact plastic housings for use in hostile environments. They are also immune to indirect ambient light and strobes.

MinieyeMINI-EYE™ sensors offer a selection of Class 1 red laser, infrared (IR) or red LED light sources, and your choice of NPN or PNP output transistors. All models are available in standard or 18 mm mounting, with quick disconnect or potted cables, and operate in either Light "ON" or Dark "ON" sensing modes.  These versatile sensors are available in thru-beam, polarized retroreflective and proximity models.



EZ-EYE™ miniature photoelectric sensors offer a very affordable one-button solution that is EZ to align and EZ to adjust. Optimized for a variety of automated machine control applications, the setup is simple using our unique one-touch Autoset™ routine. Place the sensor in the Light State condition and press the button once for a perfect setting.EZ Eye

Whether your task requires detection of large objects or small parts, the EZ-EYE™ family offers universal functionality via Infrared or Visible Red light source and interchangeable optical blocks: Diffuse, Retroreflective, Polarized Retroreflective, Convergent, Fiberoptic (Glass or Plastic).



SmarteyeSMARTEYE® Photoelectric Sensors feature our unique Contrast Indicator that provides for precision set-up and performance verification no matter how minute the light-to-dark contrast. This unique line set a new standard of accuracy in photoelectric sensing of size, texture, distance, opacity, depth and even color.



SMARTEYE® MARK II sets the standard in photoelectric sensing. With its unique EDR circuit, it is capable of performing sensing tasks most other sensors can't accomplish. It provides extended operating ranges, enhanced background suppression and the elimination of saturation problems.Mark II




SMARTEYE® COLORMARK™ II sets the standard in registration mark sensing.   With its EDR circuit combined with unique color perception, it is able to meet the demands for precision registration control on today's higher speed packaging machinery. It provides extended operating ranges, enhanced background suppression and the elimination of saturation problems.Colormark II



The SMARTEYE® PRO is an automatic event-driven, self-adjusting photoelectric sensor that compensates for deteriorating changes during operation. These changes include dirty lenses or reflectors, broken fiber optics, light source drift, and target variations in positions, orientation and color. The SMARTEYE® PRO is adjusted to its target by a single push of the AUTOSET button in either the static or dynamic operating condition.Smarteye Pro



The SMARTEYE® X-PRO XP10 is the highest speed (10µs) dual-function sensor in the world, designed to be a precision registration mark sensor with 5µs repeat­ability and a standard photoelectric sensor for any high speed application. The 5µs repeatability provides the most highly accurate edge detection in the industry!Smarteye X-Pro



The SMARTEYE® EZ-PRO is a high performance, automatic photoelectric sensor that can be adjusted by a single push of a button. As a result, there is no guess work on the part of the operator.  Now you can throw away the screwdriver and the manual.



The MARK•EYE® PRO sensor is designed and optimized for detection of printed registration marks on a continuous web at high-speeds.

The MARK•EYE® PRO delivers high-resolution performance by utilizing the broadband characteristics of a white light LED for detecting the greatest variety of color combinations on any color background.

Setup could not be easier with the "One-Touch" AUTOSET. Simply put the background in view; and press the black button if the background is darker than the registration mark or press the white button if the background is lighter than the registration mark.



The SMARTEYE® COLORWISE™ is the most feature packed color sensor available. Designed to work as well as an instrument or spectrometer, this sensor can solve the most difficult color applications at higher speeds than color cameras or the closest priced competitive product. The 4 Channel Monitor provides a visual confirmation of performance without having to switch channel selections or touch the sensor in any way.
Low cost color solution
Visual verification of individual channel performance
One model fits all applications: selectable outputs, timers, resolution, speed, etc.
Internal logic removes the need for extra processing; ex. Input for latch reset
Solves shade-to-shade or color-to-color applications



The SMARTEYE® STEALTH-UV™ is a special purpose luminescence sensor designed to detect the presence of invisible fluorescent materials contained in special chalks, inks, paint, greases, glue, optical brighteners found in labels, paper, tape, string, etc. The STEALTH-UV™ luminescence sensor contains an ultraviolet (UV) solid state light source that is used to excite the luminescence in materials to fluoresce in the visible range. The sensor's detector then responds to the visible fluorescing light. When the received fluorescing light level as displayed on the Contrast Indicator reaches a level of "4" or above, the NPN and PNP output transistors will switch to the opposite state.



The RETROSMART™ retroreflective sensor is optimized to detect clear/translucent containers and shiny objects from the leading edge to the trailing edge without false signals. This is required when the sensing task involves monitoring conveyor lines for jam detection. The sensor's narrow, red light beam assures accuracy in detecting the leading edge of any product to trigger the response, such as filling, capping, labeling, and coding.Retrosmart

Industrial control functions require sensors that can provide dependable detection of position or presence of transparent containers. The RETROSMART™ provides a single, non-chattering output for each transparent container that passes by, independent of size or shape, empty or full.



The MARK•EYE® is a registration mark sensor designed to see printed registration marks on most packaging materials on a continuous web. The “one-touch” set-up enables the sensor to be adjusted with a single push of a button.

MarkeyeThe MARK•EYE® utilizes a white LED light source that is optimized to detect printed registration marks on translucent and transparent material, and many metalized films and paper. This sensor is particularly useful on form, fill, and seal machines.  Because this sensor operates in the opacity sensing mode, the color of the registration mark simply doesn’t matter.



The LABEL•EYE™ is a photoelectric sensor designed specifically to sense a large variety of adhesive labels. Since the LABEL•EYE™is an automatic one-touch sensor… not the conventional "teach mode" sensor, set-up is simple. Position the gap between the labels directly under the sensor's sight-guide and push the Autoset button. The sensor does the rest, adjusting itself to the perfect setting.



TRI-TRONICS® introduces the very first Ultrasonic Clear Label Sensor with a High Performance Graphic OLED display. The OLED display provides the user with an unprecedented view of the sensor's performance, options, program modes, and helpful simple instructions never before offered in a Clear Label Sensor.Clear Label Sensor CLS


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