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Metaphase MP-LE1007 MetaPhaser® LED MetaBrightlight engine with Super High Output are now available. Up to a 1400 % intensity improvement over 150 watt Halogen Hot Lights can now be achieved. Metaphase Technology Inc. sets a new performance benchmark with cool white LED intensities similar to a 250W Metal Halide light sources.

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For almost 15 years Metaphase has been focused on developing products that harness "The Quality of Light" developing, manufacturing and marketing LED lighting solutions for the machine vision and inspection industries. Now with an ever broadening and expanding product line with over 1000 different specialty lights and power supplies and thousands of installations around the world.

Metaphase LED Line Light more information LED Line Lights:

Featuring the industries breakthrough performance line lights for imaging applications requiring ultra-high intensity with unprecedented uniformity.  Metaphase line lights feature ease of integration an adjustable lens to emit a narrow beam of light which can be focused from as close as 10mm to up to several meters away.  Enhanced cooling options include either integrated fan or their new computer controlled micro-flow compressed air thermal control systems.

LED Line Lights

Metaphase washdown LED Lights more information Washdown LED Lights: MetaTight™ Series 

Many lighting requirements today require a rugged waterproof, wash down compatible lighting solution. However tough those requirements may be Metaphase has a lighting solution for you.

MetaTight Series


Metaphase ring lights more information Ring Lights:

Metaphase ring lights are specially designed to project an even 360 degreeoverlapping ring of light from camera to lens and in most front lighting applications our ring lights are the simplest and lowest cost solution to camera lighting. LED ring lights have become so common in close-up and camera illumination you may be inclined to think that all ring lights are the same; however each MetaLight ring light was carefully designed for each application.

Ring Lights


Metaphase MetaBright more information MetaBright™ Series Fluorescent Replacements:

The Metaphase ExoLight™ is the most efficient and economical LED replacement technology available for the fluorescent tube. The Metaphase ExoLight™ is best applied where a highly intense, yet widely diffused light beam is required. 

Metaphase ExoLights™ produce whiter, brighter, and flicker-free illumination compared with fluorescent technology, with a 75,000hour LED lifetime expectancy. Isotropic lensing produces extremely even illumination and eliminates the glare and hot spots inherent in LEDs. The ExoLight™ is "tube-like" in form and mimics the softly diffused output of fluorescent fixtures like no other ordinarily diffused LED fixture can. These fixtures produce higher power and more stable output than fluorescents while featuring the long lifetime expectancy and low cost of ownership of LEDs.

MetaBright Series

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