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Anyone can detect edges!

Leuze RK 46C more The wide light-band of the RK 46C.DXL varOS also detect objects with openings and irregular shape.


Leuze measuring light curtain Leuze Light Curtains Flexible Measuring Light Curtain

The CML 700i measuring light curtain provides improved detection of transparent media through adjustable sensitivity with an operating range up to 8m.





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Leuze electronic offers our customers an extensive line of sensors and corresponding accessories for industrial automation. From standard applications to high-tech solutions Leuze offers a product for every application. Their production facility in New Hudson, MI is highly flexible and understands the meaning of URGENT.

Leuze switching sensors Leuze Switching Sensors Switching Sensors

Leuze switching sensor solutions detect an object optoelectronically, ultrasonically or inductively and output a robust switching signal. Select here from a large number of different operating principles and designs. One of their core competencies are sensors that perform their detection tasks with light in a wide range of forms.

  • Optical Sensors
  • Inductive Switches
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Fiber Optic Sensors
  • Forked Sensors
  • Light Curtains

switching sensors


Leuze measuring sensors measuring sensors Measuring Sensors

Measuring sensors can actively check distances, position system parts and monitor other parameters in order to intelligently and independently initiate actions and, e.g., intervene in processes for control purposes. Leuze offers a large selection of technologies and designs for as efficient and fault-free system operation as possible. Leuze distance sensors stand for maximum accuracy - over small as well as large distances .

measuring sensors


Leuze data transmission more information Data Transmission and Control Components

Leuze data transmission and control components enables the transmission of data or the connection of the devices to a wide range of different fieldbus environments.  Their modular connector units offer variable interfaces that enable simple connection of the identification devices directly to the fieldbus and thus ensure simple integration of new devices in the system.

data transmission

Safety Light Curtains more Safety Light Curtains

COMPACTplus Safety Light Curtains and Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices can be equipped with various functions to optimally perform specific tasks with regard to higher functionality, more flexible integration and easier operability.

The COMPACTplus series have a start/restart interlock, contactor monitoring and additional functions that can be easily activated with switches. External additional modules are therefore no longer required. Specific settings are made with the diagnostics and parametering software, SafetyLab.

Whether it be hand protection or danger zone and access guarding, the type 4 Safety Light Curtains of the SOLID-4E series provide reliable protection and ensure the highest possible system availability with their robust and interference-immune design.
The SOLID-2 type 2 Safety Light Curtains with integrated cyclical testing are characterized by their robust housing design and high interference immunity.  Various resolutions and functionalities enable cost-optimized solutions with the most varied applications. SOLID-2 is predestined for hand and arm protection and for detecting the presence of people.

safety light curtains


Safety Laser Scanner more Safety Laser Scanners

Safety Laser Scanners are a cost-effective and flexible protective devices alternative for danger zone guarding of large areas in the vicinity of these machines. Switching between any kind of monitoring areas is possible with up to 6.25 radius, process conditional according to the application. All configuration data, such as the definition of the zones, the resolution or the response times, is defined with the RS4soft configuration and diagnostics software.

safety laser scanners


MLD Leuze MLD 300 Series Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices

The MLD 300 series (type 2, PL d) and MLD 500 (type 4, PLe) sensors are characterized by their individual function classes. This permits start/restart interlock and contactor monitoring to be selected and, if necessary, various muting modes may be implemented. The series can be used both as standard access guarding as well as for applications where sequential, parallel or partial muting is required. Additional muting devices are not required, thus simplifying construction and lowering costs during setup of the muting application.

The MLD series is predestined for wide-area perimeter guarding, which is realized with Deflecting Mirrors, enabling operation at ranges of up to 70 m.

multiple light beam safety devices


Single beam devices more
Single Light Beam Safety Devices

The MLD Single Light Beam Safety Devices feature individual function classes. This permits start/restart interlock and contactor monitoring to be selected and, if necessary, various muting modes may be implemented.  The series is predestined for wide-area perimeter guarding implemented with Deflecting Mirrors. Ranges of up to 100 m and operating temperatures down to -30°C are possible.

The SLS 78/R Single Light Beam Safety Device of type 4 in accordance with IEC/EN 61496 is for use in difficult industrial situations for the large range area from 0 to 60 m.

single light beam safety devices

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