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LMI LogoLMI Technologies is changing the way we experience 3D measurement for factory automation. By developing all-in-one 3D smart sensors that are easy to use, flexible, and extremely powerful, our technology is making part inspection and 100% quality control easier to accomplish around the world.


Gocator 1300 Series Displacement Sensor

LMI Gocator 1300
Gocator displacement sensors are non-contact laser distance measurement devices that are ideal for determining 3D thickness, height, and surface roughness. The sensors operate at speeds up to 32,000 Hz and ideal for closed loop control or inline inspection of manufactured parts. These sensors are available in various pre-calibrated models for different measuring ranges and resolutions and include built-in support for encoders and multi-sensor synchronization to support demanding inspection needs.
Ideal for real-time closed-loop automation, Gocator displacement sensors operate at exceptionally high speeds. They are ideal for in-line inspection, non-contact dimensional measurements, such as height and thickness, or surface roughness. Important features include:

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Gocator 2000Gocator 2000 Family

Gocator 2300 FamilyGocator 2300

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Snapshot Sensor – 3100 Series

Snapshot sensorsGocator smart snapshot sensors combine 3D point cloud data acquisition, measurement tools, and control decision capabilities in a single package for powerful assembly feature inspection. Gocator snapshot sensors inspect multiple features of parts such as fasteners, holes, slots, studs, and panel gap and flush in just one scan at a higher level of simplicity than standard industry solutions. This inspection solution provides assurance that consistent product quality levels are met during final product assembly and is ideal for robotic or stationary inspection stations.

Gocator snapshot sensors use a blue LED structured light module (SLM) and stereo scanning technology to generate high resolution, full field scans with fast scan cycles at up to 5Hz. Blue LED SLM produces high contrast patterns that deliver high resolution scanning with excellent ambient light immunity, even in challenging conditions. The Gocator snapshot sensors produce highly reliable and repeatable results with stunning data visualization.

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