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Unidrive M
Control Techniques'
brand new AC and
Servo Drive Family

Tthe world’s most comprehensive class leading family of drives dedicated to Manufacturing Automation.

Control Techniques’ exciting new Unidrive M offers the widest possible variety of functionality and solutions for motor control applications with a range of 0.25 kW to 1.2 MW.

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Saving Energy through the use of a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

Saving Energy

Controlling the speed of a motor using modern AC drives not only provides users with much improved process control, but can also reduce wear on machines, increase power factor and provide large energy savings.

Using spped control, the most significant savings can be made on applications that obey a variable torque requirement, such as pumps and fans.

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Emerson Control Techniques is a world leader in the design, manufacture and support of Electronic Drive and Drive support products which includes: AC Drives, DC Drives, Servo Drives, Soft Starters, and Packaged Drive Systems.

Control TechniquesControl Techniques combines extensive industry experience, modular drive design, powerful technology and advanced toolkits to provide complete industrial automation solutions. Control Techniques has been creating groundbreaking technology since introducing the first digital DC drive over thirty years ago. This tradition of engineering excellence and innovation continues with the introduction of technologically advanced drive systems.

AC DrivesAC Drives

Our variable frequency drive (electronic controllers) adjust the speed (adjustable speed drives, variable speed drives, variable frequency drives) of electric motors by modulating the power being delivered. Control Techniques variable frequency drives provide continuous control, matching motor speed to the specific demands of the work being performed.

AC Drives


DC DrivesDC Drives

Control Techniques offers two DC drive series that enable customers to deploy productive, easy-to-use motor control solutions. The Mentor MP series is a reliable, flexible and powerful digital DC drive family, available both in non-regenerative and regenerative configurations. Quantum MP is a packaged Mentor MP with added DC loop contactor, high-speed input fuses, 115 VAC control logic and DC output fuses on all regenerative models.

DC Drives


Servo DrivesServo Drives

Control Techniques offers a comprehensive range of motion control products. Including products for single, axis-and-a-half and multi-axis servo systems, designed to perform in distributed, centralized and hybrid control architectures.

PowerTools Pro software and the full line of compact servo drives continue Emerson’s quarter-century tradition of providing machine builders and OEM’s with “Motion Made Easy!”® economical, reliable, and easy to install and program. SyPT Pro software is our extremely flexible programming environment allowing users to program in function block, ladder or structured text

Servo Drives


Servo MotorsServo Motors

Control Techniques offers a full range of servo motors in a variety of choices to meet your needs.

The FM motor series is a high quality motor with many configuration and feedback options. The NT motor has an advanced motor design offering a compact motor with high torque and low inertia ideal for dynamic applications. The XV motor is perfect for cost sensitive applications that still require servo performance.

Servo Motors

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