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Auto QuoteX download

AutoQuoterX II™ is 80/20s design plug-in for AutoCAD® 2007 thru 2014 and is packed with enhancements to help you design and quote any size solutions using 80/20 modular aluminum framing. When you are done with your design, the BOM wizard will create a customized Bill-of-Materials for quick order processing.



3D Content Central download

80/20 product files can be downloaded from 3D content central in several file formats including CAD and flat formats. This site is available 24 hours a day and can provide drawing files in almost any standard format.



Tech Toolkit

The 80/20 Tech Toolkit™ is a collection of tools that aid in designing and ordering with 80/20. The delfection calculator figures the strength of profiles under weight. The Miter Worksheet assist in designing miter cut profiles and supports. The conversion calculator easily converts measurements and weights.


more information 80/20, known as "The Industrial Erector Set"©, is a modular T -slotted aluminum framing system offered in both inch and metric profiles. It offers extremely cost-efficient solutions to building machine frames, guards, work stations, retrofit projects and more... basically anything ... and we do it all!

80/20’s modularity is based upon the T-slot concept of their profiles. The "T" shaped slots present on all 80/20 profiles allow for infinite positioning along the axis. While there are other types of T-slotted profiles in the industry, one modification to the 80/20 line is a slight adjustment to the " T" which creates the 2° Drop-Lock Feature. When a fastener is tightened to (or beyond) the necessary torque, the flange will flex up to the adjoining profile, thus creating pressure which prevents the fasteners from vibrating loose.


Some of the Benefits of 80/20 Framing Products:

Panel Your Project

80/20’s in-house Panel Machine Shop is a service that provides you the total solution for your project needs. We stock a selection of over 100 varieties of wire mesh, plastic panels, and aluminum plates with thicknesses ranging up to half an inch. This means you won’t have to wait on material or machining; we do it all in one location.

80/20 panelsOne of the many benefits about most of our stock panels, plates and wire mesh — they are intended for use specifically with aluminum profiles by integrating into the T-slot channel. This enables easy mounting as well as additional stability.

  • Acrylic
  • AR Polycarbonate
  • Polycarbonate
  • Recycled Polycarbonate
  • Kydex®
  • HDPE Pegboard
  • Trespa®
  • Solid Aluminum Plate
  • Diamond Tread Plate
  • Laminated Tabletop
  • Expanded PVC
  • Allucobest
  • Alumalite®
  • Twin Wall Polycarbonate
  • Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD)
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Acrylontrils Butadiene Styrene(ABS) Haircell
  • Thermoplastic Coated Wire Mesh
  • Expanded Metal
  • Wire Mesh

Black Anodized

80/20 Black Anodized Profiles
80/20 has expanded their stock of black anodized profiles. With over 1,000 items in the black anodize line, 80/20 makes it easy to design your custom project. Choose from architectural or organic anodizing processes; both meet Military Spec 8625.
Black anodize is ideal for low reflective projects, photo booths, military applications and vision systems. It adds a sleek look to any project and is commonly used in furniture and displays because of its aesthetic appearance.

By stocking these materials and machining them AFTER the anodize process, we can offer significant savings and faster turnaround times.

Why should you choose black anodized for your next project:
Adds a great looking aesthetic finish
Blends into the background
Decreased light reflectivity
Same added protection to the aluminum
Hides marks and scuffs

Yellow Powder Coat Extrusion8020 Yellow Powder Coat extrusion

80/20 now stocks 1010 profiles in powder-coated safety yellow. The powder coat creates a precise, consistent color match. This is a great product to denote caution and warning and is used frequently in maintenance, facilities, and guarding applications.
All fasteners, panels and accessories that are 10-series compatible work with these safety-yellow profiles.

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